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Monday, May 08, 2006

No exit

Fun fact: there is no possible escape from the seventh floor of Soda!

Here's a helpful sign indicating this corridor leads to an exit – but which way is the exit?

Here we an exit sign helpfully leading to another exit sign.

From the inverted sign on the ceiling, it appears the exit is behind the viewer – but what's that on the floor?

I'd think all these useless signs were a weird attempt at modern art, but Soda already has a lot of that.

What were the architects thinking? From a design perspective, the point of these EXIT signs is quite clear: they provide an unambiguous route to safety in the case of an emergency. Interior designers probably aren't too fond of the idea, because they can be pretty garish and have to be in obvious locations, but the ones used in Soda aren't too bad – the text color and clear design mesh acceptably with the rest of the decor.

But whence this mad placement? The signs don't consistently point in any direction, and they're scattered all over the building. I got lost following the dumb things looking for a staircase – how could they function properly if there were a real emergency? I can only imagine this is some kind of architects' inside joke. "Haha, we really showed those building code guys!"